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FLEXFORM offers a large collection of home furnishings focusing on the production of sofas, the company’s core business. Though the firm is internationally renowned for its products for the living area, its range also covers the dining room and the bedroom zone. There is one constant: elegance. The boundaries that establish the values of a brand and define the spirit of its collections are subtle. The term luxury understood as redundancy, as useless abundance and excess, certainly does not apply to FLEXFORM. The company’s aesthetic is better represented by the concept of sober elegance that translates into essential forms and soft, never gaudy materials. The Flexform world is made of good manners and good taste, a gentle aesthetic. A Flexform sofa is like a blue blazer in the world of clothing: simple, deconstructed, refined down to the smallest details.

“FLEXFORM represents a piece of history in the world of designer furnishings in Italy, and the appeal of our timeless products will survive for a long time, oblivious to passing fashions.”

The FLEXFORM style blends several key values that have little to do with fashion. The coherent design that avoids the allure of fashions that win instant applause but cannot gain lasting consensus. The discreet and reassuring elegance of the collections, with their never flaunted beauty, disarming charm, their sober, clean lines, where the aesthetic value of elegance lies in subtraction. The contemporary character of design that is never loud and aggressive – proof of the persuasive force of silence – but charged with aesthetic expression due to the sense of proportion, the precious materials, the fabrics and finishes that make every living room configuration a true atoll of emotional wellbeing. The timeless design approach is made of a balanced mixture of refined lightness that is never passé. A concentrate of aesthetic poise and moderation, an understated, eternally modern approach. And, above all, tactile and visual comfort, that warm, enveloping sensation of protection felt by anyone who relaxes on a Flexform sofa, surrounded by a cozy world of familiar objects – armchairs, end tables, accessories – that generate an intimate cocoon effect. Flexform’s job is to continue to back up the promise of a product of extreme quality, aware of the fact that if habitation is an aesthetic gesture, the beauty of a sofa can also contribute to increase the quality of life. The expression Effortless Style precisely sums up the flavor of the Flexform collections. Measured, calm, understated spaces with rare accents of color, illuminated by a harmonious “Morandi palette” based on linen, cotton and cashmere fabrics, in neutral ivory and sand tones, warm grays, champagne and burnished metal hues, leathers in shades of cowhide, tobacco, honey and dove gray. The overall result is a visual and tactile comfort that seduces and puts people at ease.                                                                                                                               

“Every sofa is a constellation of different functions.” 


Antonio Citterio
Roberto Lazzeroni
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