Penta light

Penta light

Born in 1975, Penta marked out immediately in the furnishing market for the originality of its proposal: production and sale of basic complements to decorate the house. However, the firm belief that being successful meant offering excellent quality together with an intriguing and recognizable design, pushed the firm to specialize in one of the original branches: lighting.

In the years the collection has evolved as well, maintaining intact all characteristics that make it different and thus exclusive: quality, elegance, functionality and brilliant matching of materials.

Penta Light is a trusted name for providing contemporary & stylish designs of Table, Floor Pendant, Ceiling & Wall Lighting fixtures. It represents functionality & radiance through their stylish indoor & outdoor luminaires. Penta light owns a rich assortment of lighting equipments that are constructed from high-quality materials comprising of glass, metal, wood, fabrics & blown glass. The company works with a team of talented & professional designers/architects who have been consistently responsible for winning a lot of critical appreciation for their lighting fixtures.


Debiasi Sandri
Umberto Asnago
Carlo Colombo
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